Slim Thug BIGslim streaming

Souther rapper Slim Thug BIGslim streaming on all music platforms. After COVID-19 infection in 2020, he dropped new music projects (hug Life and SDS Vibes). Today the down south legend shared with his fans the new album “BIGslim” (via hotnewhiphop).

Slim Thug BIGslim streaming – Tracklist & cover art

Check below for the official cover art, tracklist and the spotify player where you can find the whole project.

Slim Thug BIGslim streaming
Slim Thig BIGslim cover art

Official Tracklist

1. BIGslim
2. Haters At
3. Driftin
4. BHO Sessions (feat. LE$)
5. On Go
6. No No No
7. Baby
8. Fight
9. Stop Me
10. Let’s Go Somewhere
11. Made It

Are you a Slim Thug fan? Any feedback about his project?

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